Drive better performance with Koa™

Powerful and transparent, Koa was crafted to enhance human intuition with data-driven insights and optimizations.

Your co-pilot in achieving campaign success

Koa uses a powerful predictive engine to empower advertisers with real-time recommendations and optimizations that improve campaign performance. When you use Koa, you’re tapping in to the data from over 1 trillion daily queries — more than 100 times the volume of leading search engines.

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Data-driven efficiency

Koa analyzes dozens of dimensions pre- and post-launch to help you maximize advertising budgets across channels, audiences, and inventory.

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Transparency into every decision

Unlike other AI tools, Koa is not a black box. You can see every action Koa takes so you understand exactly which changes it makes and why.

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Control how Koa works for you

With Koa, you’re in the driver’s seat. You can adjust how Koa works and tune it to meet your specific performance needs and preferences.

The proof is in the performance

Koa delivers impact up and down the funnel and across every channel and device.

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Source: The Trade Desk platform data, 2023

Achieve more with Koa

Maximize your time

Let Koa handle the complex stuff — like analyzing robust data sets, identifying the most relevant audiences, and surfacing data-driven insights — so you can make better, faster decisions.

Drive performance

Maximize performance across all channels and devices as Koa surfaces audience insights, prioritizes the most valuable impressions, and makes real-time data-driven optimizations.

Apply the right data

Koa can process and analyze large sets of data quickly, identifying trends and opportunities to help you choose the most relevant audiences for your campaign.

Pay the right price

Win the optimal bid for each impression and reduce wasted spend while Koa analyzes historical clearing prices across first-price auction environments.

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3 ways to get the most out of Koa

Discover how Koa can enhance your data-driven decision-making, real-time optimizations, and audience targeting and segmentation.